The Weathervane (A Poetry Creative Thesis)

The Weathervane (A Poetry Creative Thesis)

This week, I finalized the first of my two theses. I am proud to say that “The Weathervane: Poems by Tom Dils” is now a complete collection. Not only is it a fulfilling feeling to finish a large project such as this and move one step closer to graduation, but it also rewarding to hold in my hands a year’s worth of ideas, trials and errors, and lasting themes and images that will stay with me well beyond Middlebury.

I am also excited to share my work. The entire collection can be found on my Portfolio page. It was fun to write, design, and perfect, and perhaps there will be life beyond this collection for some of poems that turned out best.

I am in the home stretch. The hard work is not over, but the to-do list gets shorter every day. Whether it is finishing a thesis, packing up items to make the final move-out easier, or enjoying a planned adventure or spontaneous moment with a friend, I am proud of what I am doing right now.

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