The Project

The Project

This space was designed to capture moments worth savoring.

Inspired to create my own domain, nostalgic about the dwindling time I have left at Middlebury College, and mindful of the value of spending time on projects by which I am intrinsically motivated, I present I WOULD BE TRUE. 

I have found that it is becoming harder and harder to slow down. The more these moments of calm meditation or spontaneous exploration elude me, the more I desire them – need them. It is with intentionality, then, that I use this space – to reflect, to discover, to create, and to share.

The goal of this project is to capture my experience of slowing down to rediscover my surroundings, my untapped academic and extracurricular interests, my friendships, and my true self. I will present these inspirations through blog posts, photography, poetry scraps, recommendations, simple pleasures, memories, and questions about the future.

I have also provided a selected portfolio of my essays written during my time at Middlebury. These are works of which I am most proud, and they reflect the range of learning involved in a liberal arts education.

To see the genesis of this idea, please see my first blog post titled “A Space for Reflection, First Iteration.”

To learn more about me, please see the page titled “The Author.”

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